Dedicated: A Good Family by A.H. Kim (Review by Karina Kaushal)

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Rating 4/5 Stars

This book is about two families joined by one marriage union and a mystery that kept me guessing until the very end. 
I enjoyed reading about the complexities of family life that we don’t always realize; the way individuals within a family unit rely on one another for emotional, financial and parental support; the way children seem to bring together people who couldn’t get along otherwise and how they really solidify a marriage between two families because both parties want have a vested interest in their wellbeing irrespective of the couple. It is beautiful to watch how the love of two people can impact both families in such a strong way. 
A Good Family made me think about how you can sometimes struggle so much to trust extended family even when they are trustworthy and you can blindly trust direct family even when you know they are undeserving.  
It depicted the good, the bad and ugly of real family dynamics by touching on family secrets, trust, romance, financial support and the values with which to raise children. 
I recommend this book to those who enjoy a good, mysterious family drama. 

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