A Special Place For Women By Laura Hankin (Review by Amanda Woodruff)

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4 stars

️I was so excited to get my hands on this book by Laura Hankin. I was pulled in by the title and really wanted to know more.

This book opens with introducing us to Jillian who is a struggling journalist. After the publication she was working for closes, and the recent loss of her mother, she begins to question what her next step will be. She needs to start making money and find a new place to live.

I found her character very relatable, she wasn’t perfect and didn’t try to be, Jillian struggled with her professional and interpersonal relationships, I found her to be quite enduring. I liked the journey she went on and found myself really enjoying her character. I appreciated the depth the author gave her.

I enjoyed the relationship Jillian had with her best friend. I like how they supported one another, however the ending of the book was quite predictable. They both were flawed however always accepted and supported each other which is what friendship is about.

Jillian decides to take a chance and try to get into an elite club for women, where the secrets are deep and the monthly membership fee is steep. Would the elite members accept her? Would they “allow” a jobless bartender into their ranks? And divulge their deepest secrets to her? And if they do what will Jillian do with them?

As I was reading I was picturing this book becoming a movie, the way it was written allowed the reader to really visualize a lot of the scenes which isn’t always the case with a book.

I was quite surprised by the plot twist and turn half way through the story. I wasn’t expecting it, and it took me a minute to get reinvested in the book.

Overall I really enjoyed this story by Laura Hankin and if you are looking for a quick, enjoyable read about friendship, relationships, hardships in life and maybe a happy ending then pick this one up when it comes out! You won’t regret it.

Happy reading everyone!

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