Appreciating the Arts with the Oklahoma GBC

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The Oklahoma Girly Book Club tries to host at least one event outside of book club once a year to appreciate the arts. Last year we were very fortunate to see the Kehindi Wiley exhibit before he was commissioned to do the official portrait of President Obama.
Last night we got to see an amazing exhibit of life size paper dresses by Isabel de Borchgrave, in which we got to explore the history of fashion out of paper. It was truly an amazing experience. The museum also celebrated the kick off-of for PRIDE celebrations with models and a red carpet event.
The last few days have been hard as I watch the images of children in my country in cages, the sounds of their cries, and the despicable lack of compassion from the government. Even as I got ready for our night out, I thought to myself, how can I enjoy a night out, knowing what is going on in my country? None the less, I got ready and found it was a much-needed respite from the reality we are facing. I also had to remind myself that it was important to attend and participate in this event because the LGBTQ community needs our support, especially in the Midwest. We couldn’t help ourselves and briefly talked about Poppy from this month’s book “This is How It Always Is”.
Last night was a reminder of how great our group is and how open and like-minded we are, joined by the love of reading. I strongly believe that reading opens our hearts to different customs, ideals, and compassion. Keep finding these amazing books that open our minds! We need more compassion in the world!
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