Missi Gwartney


The Nightengale by Kristen Hannah

Missi is passionate about reading and is known for reading several books at a time with a never ending “to be read” list. Her favorite genre is historical fiction, however she loves reading new genres and stepping outside the familiar to find books that she didn’t think she would enjoy. She rarely turns down a book and is constantly recommending books to friends. She lives in Oklahoma and works part-time as a pharmacist and cherishes quality time with her husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs. When not reading, you will find her exercising or enjoying dinner out with friends.


Girly Book Club

The concept is simple. We’re a global book club for likeminded women to discuss great books! All members of the book club read the same book over the same period; members then meet up in their respective cities at the end of each month to discuss the book and exchange views.
Girly Book Club




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