Awkward is the New Brave by Belle Lockerby (Review by Simone Gigg)

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Rated – 4/5

This book is an autobiography about a year in Belle’s life when she decided she needed to overcome some fears to help her move forward. If you are looking for a personal story written with humour that is also a bit of a self-help book then this one is for you.

Belle is a 40+ single Mum who has decided to have a “Year of Bravery” and do one new thing each month that pushes her out of her comfort zone. Through her learning to surf, overcoming her fears of frogs, hiking the Grand Canyon and putting herself back in the dating scene you learn about Belle and her life challenges and struggles. It helps you to reflect on your own life and where you may be hiding from things and where you need to be brave. We have all been knocked by life’s storms in one way or another and Belle reminds you that you are still worthy of being a fighter and a lover of yourself. Belle’s story is heart-wrenching but wonderful at the same time. She really makes you see that anything is possible and that it is really important to have good friends who will tell you the truth and be there when you need to be vulnerable.

One comment that really resonated with me in the book was “There is great strength in choosing vulnerability”. I think many of us forget to be vulnerable or are afraid to be vulnerable and yet great things can come from that.
I thoroughly enjoyed Belle’s humour and honesty and recommend to those who need a little bravery in their lives. Awkward is the new Brave!

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