On A Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond (Review by Kirsty Bradshaw)

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Star Rating: 4.5/5 *

When the email came round asking for someone to review Lucy Diamond’s “On a Beautiful Day”, I quickly responded. I hadn’t read any of Lucy’s previous offerings and am always on the lookout for new authors to read and recommend.

The book itself was easy to read (an essential for me as a mum to two small children, as my reading time is reduced to my daily commute). The story unfolded from each character’s point of view, giving a rounded picture of the foursome’s relationship. This allowed each of their stories to unfold throughout the whole book, which hooked me as a reader and encouraged me to race on to the character’s next chapter to see what happened next.

I’m sure that most readers would recognise parts of themselves in each of the characters, making them imminently relatable. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Lucy explored loss, whether that of a loved one, a relationship or the control modern women are expected to have on all aspects of their lives. I found “On a Beautiful Day” a modern take on women’s friendships and how difficult it can be to maintain them once family comes along.  The book is a poignant reminder that there is no substitute for spending time with friends, either to celebrate life’s successes or to commiserate when things aren’t just going your way.

Now, I’m off to seek out another Lucy Diamond book to enjoy on my bus to and from work…

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