Best Behavior by Wendy Francis (Review by Ali Cicerchi)

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A lovely summer novel, prompting that things aren’t what they seem. A perfect reminder, as we all sit in various forms of quarantine, wondering if the lives we see perpetuated on social media are real. Does everyone really have it together? “Best Behavior” by Wendy Francis follows a family coming together on the cusp of their twin’s college graduation. A happy occasion, if not high stress, because the whole, blended, family will be together.

Meredith Parker wants everything to be perfect for this momentous event and is trying to manage her own expectations, if that’s possible. Her husband Joel, the even-keeled counselor is not the issue. The question mark is her ex-husband, Roger, and his new, younger wife, Lily. The twins, Dawn and Cody, are trying to cope with the end of their college freedom and balance everyone’s hopes of their future. This graduation weekend is full of events that get ticked off one by one culminating in one large graduation party. Can this family make it unscathed?

Turns out everyone is putting on some kind airs. A necessary reminder for all of us – our best behavior is not always reality. A quick, clever read. It’s nice to read about someone else’s familial problems. Francis does a great job of showing the significant life event from different perspectives and what it can mean for all involved. Graduation isn’t all about the graduates, it’s a reminder of the people who supported them and sacrificed along the way. I liked this book. It was fun, heartfelt and left me reminiscing a bit about my own graduation and what would I think of that weekend now!

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