Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda (Review by Jennifer Boksman)

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Rating: 5 *

August 31st – I have decided to write this review in 3 stages. I am on chapter “5pm”, the days unfold hour by hour or in increments of 15 minutes to a half hour and thus the chapters are “timed”. At the very start  I have realized that this book will in fact be a very good read. Well written, great flow.  Paul the husband is the “author” and he is chatting to you as a friend and a confidante as you read his little tale. I have come to the conclusion (by 5pm) that Paul is arrogant and full of himself. He truly thinks of himself as the perfect father and husband. I am rather fit to be tied with his self assuredness and his cool demeanour that is as phoney as a three dollar bill. He is trying to give his wife Mia the perfect day at the cottage because he has once again cheated, lied and manipulated his way into being the perfect male specimen.  We find out Mia is ill and no one can figure out what is wrong with her.  Weight loss, fatigue and a sense of “just not feeling good” has taken over and he is concerned about her health.  Or is he? His parents are dead, hers are kept at arms length and live far enough away that visits are rare.

I think he is up to something and I don’t think it is good! The two boys are at home with the babysitter, his credit card has been declined at the grocery store, Mia has no money in her pocket, although we do find out she has a huge trust fund.

September 1st, me again. Paul has taken his wife to a lovely restaurant for dinner. It is 9:15pm the same day. He has forbidden her to return to work. He tells you he just wants her to stay home (he keeps tabs on her), take care of the boys, keep house and keep her parents sending those lovely cheques. By now my blood is boiling. Poor little Mia how can she be so blind???

September 3rd, well that’s that!!! I cannot give away too much, but I can tell you karma has her moments! This is a truly terrific read that will anger you, have you applauding at a chapter and if you are like me, talking out loud to the book! I get that involved. Kaira keeps you engrossed and this book is hard to put down.  Enjoy!

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