Black Girls Must Die Exhausted by Jayne Allen (Review by Bruna Looby)

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Rating: 3.5 ⭐

This book is a great contemporary, up-to-date story for thirty-something women.

I like stories that feel relatable, and this one definitely is.

Tabby is thirty-three years old, and she has it all. Kind of.

She has a great job as a reporter, and she is expecting a huge promotion soon. She just needs to work twice as hard since she’s a black woman, and her competitor co-worker is a white man. Tabby has a great boyfriend who respects her and supports her career growth.

Her two best friends are great, and she’s about to buy her own house. Everything a thirty-something-year-old woman would ask for, right?

The one thing Tabby may not have is a baby. Her doctor gives her the bad news. Her probability to ever have a baby is very small. She needs to consider her options, and one of them is to freeze her eggs. But it would cost as much as her down payment for the house, and she is not even sure that she wants a baby. And if she does want a baby, how about her boyfriend? Does he want to start a family one day? Doesn’t seem like it.

Of course, as a white woman, some things in this book were not relatable to me. This book was a debut novel and it was SO well written! The one thing that was a little bummer for me was how repetitive some things were. Other than that, I highly recommend it!

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