Daisy Cooper’s Rules For Living by Tamsin Keily (Review by Missi Gwartney)

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What if your death was an accident and now you’re stuck in between living and dying with no idea on how to do either one? In Keily’s new book, Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living, this is exactly the situation Daisy faces and I loved the way it was written. It was such an interesting storyline from the actual personification of “Death” to each chapter beginning with a “rule” and I was pleasantly surprised at both the quirkiness and lovability of the book.
When Daisy accidentally slips while out one night, “Death” comes for her literally by accident. Learning that her time to die isn’t actually for another 50 years, Daisy is desperate to return to her old life especially when she isn’t the only one having a hard time letting go. However, when she’s given the unexpected opportunity to have a somewhat altered version of her old life back, Daisy will have to decide if not really being alive in a living world is worth watching the pain she causes by being unable to let go.

I loved the thought that the author put into each character’s personality and when combined with a little bit of romance, loss, regret, selflessness, and hope for an unforeseen future this book definitely has an unexpected “feel good” vibe (especially since Death is a main character). Learning that the “rules” are there for a reason or maybe even made to be broken was a fun way to gain insight into each chapter. I really enjoyed this book and loved even more that I couldn’t decide which world I wanted Daisy to choose. Should she take the risk and go back to the life she wasn’t supposed to be taken from or does she take a different risk and embrace the possibility of a new life that she never expected? I’d recommend checking out Daisy’s story for yourself!

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