Date Like A Woman by Kai Nicole (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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Rating: 3/5*

Okay-let’s just call this what it is-this is not your next Pulitzer Prize winning novel; what it is, however, is a very entertaining and at times brutally honest guide to dating as a woman in the year 2018. Kai Nicole makes it very clear from the first page that this is not a ‘how-to’ on getting married and finding your Prince Charming, but is rather an honest look into the fallacies we may have when it comes to dating.

There was certainly times in this book when I felt outraged at something our author states; an experience the author warns you you may have while reading. However, there were also statements made I found myself mentally filling away a tidbit of information for use at a later time ; ). One example is when the author states, “the truth is, you will never be happy dating if you are not already happy with yourself”, which are very important words to live by.

This was a fun, quick read that-where you may not agree with everything the author writes, it will still leave you with at least some occasions where you think, “that is totally me!”.

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