Deep Within A Blueberry Sky by Jeffrey J. Antonucci (Review by Missi Gwartney)

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Rating: 3.6 out of 5.0

Sarah was born with “burdens” and looks forward to her family’s annual trip to see her grandfather, Poppy Tom. Now that Sarah has turned seven, she is able to follow in her mother’s footsteps and learn how to fly fish. However, with Sarah’s “burdens” come a new set of challenges that her mother never had to face. Poppy Tom’s patience combined with Sarah’s determination, positive outlook, and childlike innocence will lead her on the unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

The trip to Poppy Tom’s when Sarah is seven turns out to be full of wonderful surprises and adventures that Sarah would have never imagined. She has now earned the distinct family honor of learning to fly fish for brook trout and earns this right of passage. Before they begin this new adventure, Poppy Tom presents her with a poem written by himself and Sarah’s late grandmother, Jennie. This poem encourages Sarah to look past her “burdens” and gives her a whole new perspective and mission in life. She is inspired and full of hope when she decides to simply be the happy to anyone’s sad and is known to leave a lasting impression on anyone who crosses her path. We watch Sarah grow through the years and each year she learns something new not only about brook trout fishing but also gains a new life perspective that she can share with others. She continues to amaze her family and friends and learns to cope with her “burdens” while becoming the light of the world to anyone who crosses her path. The final chapter of the book follows Sarah when she is now forty and tries to fulfill the goal she felt called to complete way back when she first received the inspirational poem from Poppy Tom and Grandma Jennie.

While this wasn’t the page turner that I typically enjoy, watching the sweet story of Sarah unfold and her larger than life outlook will keep you reading. This is truly a story based on the power of determination and a family’s never-ending love for each other and their surroundings and I recommend you pick up a copy.

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