• August 2019 •

Discussion Questions

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You Think It, I’ll Say It

By Curtis Sittenfeld

  1. Did you enjoy this book? Rate it out of 5 at the beginning of your meeting and then go around again at the end to see if anything has changed.
  2. Discuss the genre of short stories. Do you feel like there has been a flood of new titles in this genre? Do you enjoy short stories normally?
  3. Which short story did you enjoy the most, which was the most shocking, which distressed you the most, which could you relate to the most? (If any)
  4. What do you think makes this collection of stories similar? Is there a common theme?
  5. In “Bad Latch” we meet Rachel and Gretchen – two moms. Initially Rachel judges Gretchen, but then ends up becoming her best friend. Have you seen or experienced mommy judgement from others? Have you had initial feelings about someone that turned out to be wrong?
  6. In “Plausible Deniability”, William and Libby embark on an emotional affair. Is this worse than a physical affair? Does the fact that Libby is William’s sister-in-law make matters worse?
  7. In the final story “Do-Over”, Clay and Sylvia reunite after not seeing each other for years. They went to high school together and Sylvia feels slighted over a sexist election for class prefect. Is there anyone from your past you’d like to see again?
  8. Curtis aptly titled her book “You Think It, I’ll Say It”. She known for writing what others think, but never say. If she were to write your memoir, what would the opening line be?

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