Eventide by Therese Bohman (Review by Lara Ferguson)

1 min read

Rating: 2.8/5*

Karolina is a woman between–between young and middle age, academia and the art world, frustration and fulfillment. In her 40’s and newly single, she is wondering about her major life choices.  Would she be any happier had she chosen differently, or would she be facing the same struggle of place and purpose?

With this book, Therese Bohman confronts the struggle of purpose that many men and women face at some point in their lives.  Karolina’s slog through her life is relatable and real.

Therese Bohman skillfully depicts Karolina’s rich thought-life as she challenges her own decisions and pursues possible solutions to her restlessness, allowing us to see the struggle inside one woman’s mind to make peace with her decisions and find a satisfying life.

Although this is not a book for those looking for drama or intrigue, Bohman has given us an intense, realistic look at a question all of us ask at some point—how can I be content where I am?

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