Every Now and Then by Lesley Kagen (Review by Shelley Jomaa)

2 min read

Rating 4/5 Stars

Every Now and Then tells the story of best friends Biz, Frankie, and Viv, aka the Tree Musketeers. It is 1960 in the small town of Summit, Wisconsin, and the girls are 11 going on 12 years of age. School has ended a month early due to the excessive heat, and the author takes us along the journey of their summer adventures.

The story begins with a slow and idyllic start. The three spend their long summer days hanging out in their treehouse, exploring the town on their bikes, and going to the theatre to get their fill of scary movies. However, their imaginations and curiosity get the better of them. Despite being told to stay away from the nearby Broadhurst Mental Health institution, the girls find a secret spot where they can observe the patients and even talk to some of them through the fence. The action picks up the pace when a criminally insane patient is admitted to the hospital. Things play out like the horror movies the girls love so much when they find a way to sneak inside, potentially putting their lives in serious danger.

My favourite part of this book was the strong character development and the close relationship between Biz, Frankie, and Liv. They are lifelong friends with no secrets between them, and they look out for each other no matter what. I love their sense of adventure and their genuine concern for each other and the patients. Although at times naive and misguided, they are strong and determined girls with good hearts. Even at their young age, they refused to be deterred from their goals. I also appreciated the sense of community portrayed and the close family bonds.

Every Now and Then is a quick and easy read about friendship, family, and community. I recommend this for anyone looking for a heartwarming coming-of-age story with lovable, endearing characters.

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