Find You In The Dark by Meredith Walters (Review by Sarah Wreford)

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GBC Rating: 4.5/5*

Martin Reese seems to have it all: a beautiful wife, a loving daughter, and a wonderful home. He also has a lot of free time.

What does he do with all of his free time?

Well, he digs.

He digs bodies.

“Find You in the Dark” by Nathan Ripley is a thriller that is bound to keep you up at night. There was a part of me that wanted to put this down because it was so dark, but the other part of me kept wanting to keep reading because I was so captivated by the characters in the novel.

The first few pages of “Find You in the Dark” contain a description of a murder and continue with Martin Reese digging up bodies from unsolved cases involving the murders by a serial killer. As a reader, you must answer a series of questions including:

1) What is the connection to the murder at the beginning of the novel and to Martin Reese?

2) Why are there so many murder victims and what do they have in common?

3) Have the police force really done all they can to solve these cases?

4) Is the murderer still out there?

Throughout the novel, the reader gets to piece together the story from a number of perspectives: Martin Reese, Detective Sandra Whittal, and the murderer. Because this is told from so many different perspectives, it adds an incredible amount of suspense to the plot. I’d often find myself looking at my clock at work in hopes of returning home to finish this book.

Something else I loved about this novel is that Nathan Ripley (pseudonym for Naben Ruthnum) lives in Toronto, so there are a lot of Canadian references within the novel.

Please know that the book does not come out until March 6, 2018, but I suggest marking it on your calendar. Get ready for a series of twists and turns as you put the puzzle pieces together in this well-written novel. Plus, at least you know in advance that on the night of March 6, 2018, you will not be getting a lot of sleep.


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