For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing (Review By Caitlin Winkler)

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Rating: 4.25/5 stars

Oh boy, did I enjoy this book! I really had no idea what to expect going into this novel, other than the summary, but I am very happy about that, as I felt it really added to the reading experience every single time I *gasped* out loud (which happened many times in public, I should say haha). The cover also helped as I am unashamedly a “judge a book by its cover” reader at times. Samantha Downing is an author known to many already following her hit novels My Lovely Wife and He Started It-to name a few. This book just adds to her collection of hits!

Belmont Academy is NOT where you should send your children. People are dying left and right, and rumor is its murder. #HomicideHigh is trending on social media, the student boy is in disarray, and Mr. Crutcher is just trying to help the students, for their own good of course. Teddy Crutcher, Belmont Academy Teacher of the Year, is focused on doing what is best for his students and pushing them to be the best, most well-rounded, people they can be. So, what if that means occasionally taking them down a peg so they understand how the world works? The job of Teacher of the Year is never done. Now if only the annoying parents of students and colleagues would get out of his way, he would be able to educate his students.

The tone of this book, while technically a thriller/mystery in plot, read like a comedy almost at times and I LOVED that. There were occasions where I felt odd laughing during what was a very sinister scene, but I think that is exactly the tone the author was going for. I am trying to think of other books I have read recently that match this but am coming up short! This was just so unique and entertaining! I highly recommend it to all!

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