Gathering Dark by Candice Fox Book (Review by Stacey Lorenson)

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Gathering Dark by Candice Fox was a thoroughly enjoyable read!! I love stories that grab you by the collar and drag you through a powerful story that won’t let go until the wee hours of the morning. Gathering Dark is one of those books! Fox weaves a complex, suspenseful mystery which is often funny as it is poignant. The book takes off after the 3rd chapter introducing us to the main characters; Jessica, a very dedicated LAPD detective, Blair a former surgeon and parolee, and Sneak a mother, addict, and adept con artist. These distinctly different women share an inane ability to adapt and survive even in the most undesirable of situations. Despite their harsh varietal life experiences and their various coping mechanisms to deal with life’s unexpected blows, they unite to find Sneaks missing daughter. This initiates a rollercoaster ride through each of these women’s lives, their compulsions, life aspirations, and their climb through countless obstacles for redemption.

Fox has created complex, emotionally charged characters. Of the tree main characters, Sneak steals the show. She is hilariously funny with out even trying. I can’t remember the last time a mystery novel made me laugh out loud. Sneak has some of the best lines in the book! My request to Candice Fox is that she develop a storyline that features Sneak as the protagonist in her next book. Her character is deep and layered and has the potential for a variety of mysterious, entertaining story lines. Before reading Gathering Dark, I was unfamiliar with the author, Candice Fox. Now that I know what a talented storyteller she is, I can’t wait to revisit her former novels and read more of her works.

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