GBC Mexico 2022 Retreat FAQ

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Full retreat details can be found here.

Question: How many tickets are there and how do I ensure I grab a spot for myself and my friend? 

Answer: We only have 20 spaces available and tickets are first come, first served, so if you’re planning to attend retreat with a friend, we recommend one person purchasing both tickets to avoid disappointment.

Question: I’d love to go, but I’d be coming alone. If I am in a double, triple, or quad room, can you match me with a roommate?

Answer: Yes! While we have heard some members saying they plan to attend with a friend or fellow member of their local book club, we know many ladies will be flying solo, but not to worry – the flight is pretty much where the flying solo will end! 😉 If you’re travelling solo and planning to stay in a double, triple, or quad room, we are happy to help match you with another woman or other women that you can room with.

Question: What is the payment schedule?

Answer: The deposit amount of $500USD is due upon booking to confirm your space. (Reminder, deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.) The second payment of the remaining balance will be due on February 1st, 2022.

Question: Will there be a monthly payment plan? 

Answer: In the event you’d like to make more frequent payments in smaller sums, let us know after you sign up. We can create a monthly payment plan (for a total of four months) with you. Final payment will be on February 1st, 2022.

Question: How will I make payments? 

Answer: Your deposit and payment will be made through our GBC website using a debit or credit card. Once your deposit has been made, if you’d prefer to make the three payments by e-transfer instead of debit/credit, please get in touch with us.

Question: You say there’s limited phone service; how limited is limited? Will there be accessible areas in certain locations to check in with loved ones at home every few nights?

Answer: This is direct from Haramara: “There are no phones, internet or fax at Haramara Retreat. If you would like to use the phone, internet, or fax you will need to go into the town of Sayulita. For Emergency Contact Only – In case you need to leave contact information to be reached in an emergency, the phone number to leave is the Haramara Business Office number in Tucson, AZ: 1-800-687-3132 or the email address: Messages will be delivered to you out at the retreat as soon as possible.”

With regards to whether your cell phone will work, Haramara says: “It will depend on the phone you have and if it has the 1900 GSM frequency band. If you have this frequency band your phone will work in Mexico but you will need to check with your service provider about your specific phone and service. There is a cell tower in Sayulita with limited accessibility from certain places at the highest point on the property.”

We’re going to level with you: we’re headed there anticipating that we will not have cell service ourselves and if in the event we manage to discover a bar or two of service while we’re there, we’ll take it! Otherwise, we’re going into this with you and planning to put our phones down to disconnect from tech and connecting to ourselves, each other, and the beautiful environment where we will be staying.


Have specific questions about Haramara Retreat space? Check out Haramara’s FAQ page here for even more info!


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