Girl In Snow by Danya Kukafka (A Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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Rating: 4/5

Girl In Snow is author Danya Kukafka’s first book. Early on I found so many similarities to Paula Hawkins books, so any fan of  Girl On A Train will enjoy this book. Full of suspense, this a really good crime novel. Each chapter is dedicated to a different character, and what I was so impressed by, is with each chapter she had me convinced that that character was the killer!  

The story is about a high school girl named Lucinda who was brutally murdered and her body found in the park. Police aren’t sure who committed the crime, but there are many people who could possibly have done it. Was it the strange quiet neighbor, Cameron? The weird Goth girl from school, Jade? It could have been the janitor or her teacher.

Each chapter tells us more and more about these people, and what their relationship was with Lucinda. I felt the story was slow at times, but I did enjoy her building on each character leaving me wondering who did it!

Girl In Snow is an in-depth study of three main characters, their personalities, and a small town in Colorado that was hit hard by this tragedy.

Review by Jennifer Holmes

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