Glamour Girls by Marty Wingate (Review by Shelley Jomaa)

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Rating 4.3 Stars

Historical fiction is my favourite genre, and Glamour Girls by Marty Wingate does not disappoint. Glamour Girls tells the story of Rosalie Wright, a female pilot who joins England’s Airport Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during WWII. Rosalie has been passionate about flying since she was a child. After the sudden passing of her father, and without the support of her mother, Rosalie decides to contribute to the war effort as an ATA pilot rather than work on the family farm.

The role of the ATA was to ferry war planes and fighter pilots to RAF bases across England. Although the ATA girls were not directly involved in combat, their role was not without value or danger. These planes were often damaged; unexpected enemy planes could be in the air; and, weather patterns could be unpredictable or treacherous. Despite having read many WWII books, this was piece of history was new to me.

This book was well written, and I loved so many things about it. I loved learning about the various planes that were used in the war. There were so many more types than I was aware of, and Rosalie keeps a journal to document the details of each plane she flies.
I also loved the close relationships Rosalie builds with her family and friends. Although living away, she stays involved with her family, often as the peacekeeper. She also develops a camaraderie with the other female ATA pilots, especially the two she boards with. Their witty banter and antics provide humour and entertaining moments. The book also has a romantic storyline, as Rosalie has captured the attention of two pilots and must learn to follow her heart.

Glamour Girls is a heart-warming story of family, friendship, and romance set in WWII.

It is a quick and easy read but does have some tragic moments. The characters are engaging and well-developed. Rosalie is kind and lovable, taking everything in stride. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a new and unique perspective of WWII fiction.

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