Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur (Review by Tricia Nelson)

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Rating: 3.5 stars

This was a perfect read to start my summer this year. A full-on romance. That is all. Not a romance hidden in a mystery or other story- just a romance about two people who fall in love. Sometimes it’s the best kind of book to relax with!
Annie and Brendan have known each other since they were kids. While Annie always saw Brendan as her best friend Darcy’s little brother, she was Brendan’s first big crush.

They live their lives and don’t see each other until eight years have passed and much has changed. Brendan is no longer a kid and has created a successful dating app that ties into his love of romance and optimism about there being someone for everyone. Annie has a successful corporate career in HR in Philadelphia and has gotten a promotion that will have her moving to London in short order.
Annie goes to Seattle to tell Darcy in person about her upcoming move and arrives to find Darcy away for a few days, but Darcy has Brendan bring keys to her apartment for Annie to hang out in until she returns.

Predictably sparks fly when Brendan and Darcy meet again as adults. The story ensues with the two of them trying to figure out what to do about these intense feelings that have developed so quickly. In particular Annie struggles with what this might mean for her new job, what is important to her, and what she really truly wants.

This book will resonate with anyone who fell in love quickly, anyone who has had to examine where they are in life and compare that to what they truly want, and anyone who just wants to read a good romance.

Heads up for a few detailed open door scenes and some language, none of which diminished the book for me.
Note: This book is the second installment in a series about this group of friends. I hadn’t read the first and this book stood alone just fine. Made me want to read the first book about Darcy and Elle and eagerly anticipate Margot’s story coming in 2022!

I received an advance e-copy of this book from the Girly Book Club Blogger program in exchange for an honest review. I am grateful for the opportunity.

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