Heart of Maleness by Raphael Liogier (Review by Stephanie Smith)

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Rating 3 stars

This is a short (98 pg.) book. “What I needed to conjure up, instead, was a world that we all share, a world in which a stunning inequality stubbornly persist, even now, an imbalance subtly fed by our common perceptions and our everyday behavior.” Liogier opens the book on page 1 with this statement. The author is a sociologist and philosopher who felt compelled to write this essay following the many stories that arose from the #Metoo movement. Liogier uses examples ranging from Prince Charming, Girls Get in Free, and the Trump era. Liogier also covers the concept of consent and whether women really give this.

I found this book to be a quick read and found the examples that Liogier uses to be interesting and thought provoking. However, I felt that this book was comprised of the problem and examples but didn’t really provide a solution or “call to action”. Liogier mainly said the concept of women’s inequality has always been here and despite growth in many areas of the current times this inequality is still an issue. Overall, I would recommend this book. Due to the shortness it is a good book to read to get the stories within. However, if you expect some huge new resolution you will not find it in this book.

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