Home Truths by Susan Lewis (Review by Missi Gwartney)

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How far would you go to protect your children when your life turns into something you could’ve never imagined? In her new book Home Truths, Lewis tells the story of Angie Watts who once lived her dream life and now is in the middle of her worst nightmare. In what seemed like a matter of moments, Angie’s life is turned upside down and she is not only on her own with one child missing, but also facing a devastating financial crisis with no foreseeable way out. How long can she hide behind the ugly truth of her situation while also protecting the life she so desperately is trying to hold onto? Will survival and courage prevail or will her overwhelming circumstances and doubt cause Angie to finally give up?

Angie never imagined the life she once had with a loving husband, three amazing children and a house to make a lifetime of memories in. However, “perfect” never seems to last forever and as her oldest son, Liam, enters his teenage years, life takes a more challenging route. As Liam falls in with the wrong crowd, he is lead down a path with devastating and fatal consequences for their entire family leaving Angie to find a way to pick up the shattered pieces of her “new” life. How will she survive alone, what about her other children, and is there a way to forgive Liam? Filled with surmounting regret, fear, and guilt along with a new reality she’d rather ignore, Angie must decide if she is capable of protecting her children despite the consequences that may follow.

Home Truths touches on so many current issues that are relevant in today’s world. From homelessness, drug addiction, and internet predators, to gang violence, financial trouble, hopefulness, and the importance of family, there is bound to be something every reader can relate to in one way or another. Flipping between her past memories and her current situation, Angie’s story is full of emotion that will touch any woman’s heart. While the storyline was fairly predictable, there were a few twists that were fun to watch unfold. I’d recommend this book for any book club or for simply a great anytime read. I loved watching Angie grow throughout the book and realizing she needed help and couldn’t do everything on her own. It was a great reminder that we all need support and help from time to time.

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