Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers (Review by Karina Kaushal)

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4 Stars

Honey Girl is a debut novel with a beautiful black girl with hair the color of honey, a LGBTQ, millennial couple, and a drunken Vegas wedding. This is a beautiful love story about two people with an instant, intense connection. Morgan Roger’s poetic descriptions of her characters’ deep romantic feelings swept me off my feet. Her writing style and her use of unique forms of endearment bring you all the feels.

But this is not just a romance novel. It’s a coming of age story about so many important things such as dealing with family pressure, career fulfillment, racism, loneliness, perseverance, found families, and marriage.
The best part is that the characters break all stereotypes. I was enchanted by the way they would drop everything and run towards something or someone when they identified it as bringing them happiness. So often, we hesitate and consider all the repercussions of deviating from the original plan. It was refreshing to watch them take chances that left me wide-eyed with the magic of it all. I had almost nothing in common with them, but still I felt so connected, in a raw, human, emotional level.

I recommend this book to anyone that believes in love at first sight and enjoys reading about raw human emotion.

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