How to Keep a Secret by Sarah Morgan (Review by Kiley Mackell)

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Martha’s Vineyard is the setting for this new chick lit by Sarah Morgan. It also happens to be the summer destination of my dreams. Right away I was excited about the idea of being transported to the island for a summer adventure. How To Keep A Secret is the story of 2 sisters with a long kept secret, their somewhat estranged mother and a daughter/niece. The store starts off with a tragic event that leads one of the sisters back to the island with her daughter to live with her mom and recover. The story follows the family through the summer as healing takes place one day at a time.

Overall How To Keep A Secret is a quick enjoyable read. The book switches between each character as the summer unfolds. Of course, it wouldn’t be great chick lit without a little romance. Unfortunately the romance is more than a little predictable from the start of the book. Each character has their own major trauma to heal from, yet the book goes into very little detail about each character. There isn’t as much character development as there should be to make the book satisfying.

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