I Invited Her In by Adele Parks (Review Candice Watt)

1 min read

Abi and Mel were friends back when they were teenagers… they drifted apart after Mel had a teen pregnancy..,. Now 17 years later Mel gets a random email from her long lost friend who is in a bit of turmoil in life. Abi finds out her husband has cheated and now wants to escape her American life and come back to London to reconnect with her long lost friend. Mel has a picture perfect life with her children and husband… so you can somewhat guess how this will pan out once she invites her old friend in to visit.

I quite enjoyed this book! Right from the first chapter I was drawn into the characters and felt it was a very easy read. I became engrossed in the alternating chapters from viewpoint to viewpoint of Abi and Mel and quickly became obsessed with finding out how the plot will thicken and pan out.

It also made it easy for me as I related to Mel and felt a connection to her character. However, with that being said there were a few slow parts of this book and at times I did find it to be quite long and drawn out… but I kept on and I’m glad I did. I invited her to had a good ending which is always important in a novel.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a fun, suspenseful read! Just be it known that you do need to muster thru a slight slow period in the book- but once you do you won’t be disappointed! This was my first book by this Adele parks and I would be interested to see what her other books are like!


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