I’m Not Naked (Anymore) by Sonya Cote (Review by Lisa Gingera)

1 min read

Rating: 4.1/5*

Cote did a magnificent job on this collection of stories! She captivates the reader, right from the first page and holds their interest throughout her book. She reveals the unspoken truth about what it is like to be a stripper and more. Her honest and raw writing style is refreshing, after reading many authors that want to be glamorous. She tells you about her mistakes, and misadventures as well as her high points. This caused me to become more forgiving towards myself and laugh easier at my own mistakes.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has negative stereotypes or prejudice against those who work in a bit more of a riskier business. Cote shows that exotic dancers are just everyday people, trying to make ends meet. I would also recommend this book to anyone that just wants a light and easy read, or even a good laugh! Overall, it was a pleasure to read this book and I hope that Cote has more delightful stories to share.

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