Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee (Review by Katherine Scanlon)

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I had never given much thought to the feeling of joy. Instead I have always considered happiness and the ways that I can attain it. Joyful has opened my eyes to a world of joy that can be seen all around us, every day.

With a playful cover of confetti, I was immediately drawn to Joyful. Once I began reading, I found it to be a fascinating read. Fettell Lee has done a great deal of research by exploring the world and searching for joy in unsuspecting places. She finds the quirky and fun and describes it in a beautiful way that transports the reader to the joyful feelings she experiences.
The stories contained in the book are interesting and vibrant. I found myself needing to take breaks because I just had to stop and see exactly what the author was describing to me. It piqued my interest and opened my eyes to find things that I would have never considered before.

Although interested in the stories, at times I felt it was difficult to relate to the author. In certain cases, I felt as if the book was written for a glamourous world traveller living in a posh city and not my suburban life. My imagination could transport me to the authors vibrant explanations of her surroundings but sometimes left me unable to apply the concepts to my own home and life.

The book left me inspired to go with my gut and not be afraid to make choices that enrich my surroundings with joy. I now take note of what I am drawn to and consider how it makes me feel. I will never second guess a bright coloured dress ever again!

I feel that this book should be read by anyone who could use more joy in their lives, and really, who amongst us doesn’t? Joyful challenges us to see the joy around us and empowers us to live lives surrounded in JOY.

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