Just Last Night By Mhairi McFarlane (Review by Stacie Kitchen)

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Rating: 5 stars

Have you ever had an experience when you are reading where you are so so so sad for the characters, but you are still so so so happy with the book? My heart was shattering, but I literally couldn’t wait to keep reading. This book shocked me so much! I had settled down to read a cute little romance, but Just Last Night was so much more. I’m still in awe of the raw emotion captured by Mhairi McFarlane.

Eve Harris’ life seems a bit stagnant. She is a 34-year-old goth with a pointless job, who has been in love with one of her best friends for 16 years. Eve manages with the help of her extremely close-knit group of friends, but one night everything comes crashing down. In the face of grief, Eve’s help comes in the form of Finlay Hart, the brother of her best friend Susie.

Eve is forced to confront the choices she has made in her life, including her love for Ed, who has become recently engaged. Is she holding on because she thinks there is a chance or just that she is too afraid to move on? Her unfulfilling job is to write one-liners (which are admittedly hilarious) for a nightlife website, despite the fact that she wants to be in the world of more pressing journalism. Is she really living to her full potential, or does her lack of belief in herself prevent her from achieving her dreams?

McFarlane takes you through all sorts of experiences for Eve (and Finlay) including grief, heartbreak, friendship, love, and trust. It was a story with many layers, and they were unlayered flawlessly. I loved the relationships among the characters and how real McFarlane was able to make everyone feel. I felt their love, their vulnerability, and their sadness. This was my first read by McFarlane, but I will be reading her other books soon!

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