Just Like Family by Kate Hilton (A Review by Sabrina Eryou)

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Rating: 4/5

I really wanted to read this book because I am always thrilled when I discover a new Canadian author plus the main character, Avery, works in politics, which mirrors my life so I suspected that I would really like this book and I was right.

I think that Kate Hilton has a great talent that allows her to make her stories so easy to relate to and Avery was the quintessential young Canadian woman that I know and am. Aside from being able to relate to the places where this story took place, largely in Toronto and Ontario’s cottage country, the book just felt so utterly realistic to me.

The book was set over many years with interludes in the past that help Avery to figure out her present. And who among us has not had those relationship and life questions that make you so unimaginably confused? I think we can all relate with some serious soul-searching whether it be with our family or work lives.

Ultimately I think this book was a fun read, but with a lot of life lessons thrown in and helped me to reflect on my own ‘family’ and just who I consider that way.

Review by Sabrina Eryou

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