Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger (Review by Taylor Bridgeforth)

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4 stars

“Modern dating. Let’s be honest. It sucks.”

Yes, it does, but this book took it to the EXTREME—which was perfect for me because I love a read that could (but by the grace of God hopefully never will) happen in real life.

I loved a lot of things about this book: first and foremost—women friendship, strength and resilience.

“We don’t find many true friends in our lives. Everyone’s always looking for love, right? That perfect soulmate. The candy, flowers, trips to Paris, romance. No one ever talks about the power and comfort of a true friendship who worries about you, is there when you call, brings soup when you’re sick, camps out on your couch when you’re sad. There aren’t many friends like that. If you have one be grateful. I know I am.”

As well as romance, mystery, and thriller—but I will admit, I felt like it dragged at times.

Do I care more about Wren’s past or Adam’s ghost?

For me, it was Adam’s ghost and understandably we needed Wren’s past but maybe not so much. It was clear what the situation was, so to keep coming back with barely any new information failed to keep me as much on my toes as when I started the book.

As the story continued, no matter the ups and downs of my interest, the story tied with the title perfectly. If anything, that is why the book was so long because Unger completed the entire story from every point of view. That was a relief because after all the time I spent reading, I deserve to leave this book without any questions—just maybe a few nightmares for a couple days.

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