Letters From Skye by Jessica Brockmole (A Review by Jennifer Boksman)

1 min read

Rating: 4.1

Although slightly predictable, this lovely story is played out across an ocean and spans 28 years, in peacetime and 2 world wars.  It is 1912 and Elspeth a young, published poet, living on the Isle of Skye, receives a fan letter from a young American who lives in Illinois, USA. Over the course of many years, they continue to correspond through letters, that eventually turn into love letters.  Each becoming, through those letters who they wish to be. War separates them, even though they do eventually meet a couple of times when the young American is on leave.

It is then 1940 and Elspeth’s daughter discovers the treasured letters and tries to unravel the mystery her mother will not talk about.  Margaret’s quest is not without its own quandaries.  It is the start of World War 2 and all of London is under attack.  Margaret has her own role in this battle and while trying to keep children safe, she sets out to uncover the truth.  This story is written in a unique way.  Via letters to and from all the players in the novel, through many years,  this story is told. A nice read for a cold wintry afternoon.

A Review by Jennifer Boksman


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