Lie Beside Me by Gytha Lodge (Review by Lara Feguson)

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Rating: 4/5 ⭐

What would you do if you woke up in your own bed after a night that you really can’t remember, next to a man who is not your husband, a man who also happens to be very dead? This is Louise’s dilemma as our story opens.
From here, Lodge takes us on a twisting, turning ride, incrementally increasing the tension and complexity, drawing the circle tighter until the climax. The characters are multifaceted and interesting, each with their own motivations and angsts and connected in ways that are not always apparent.

The team of investigators charged with solving the case, are thoughtful and capable, focused on finding the truth. Louise is a troubled character, full of self-doubt and self-incrimination, and her relationships are equally troubling. Her best friend seems to encourage bad behavior and seems to have something weird going on with her husband, while her husband is increasingly critical and sure she is being unfaithful, not to mention that he is definitely still hung up on his ex.

As she explores a variety of issues through the characters and their situations, the author clearly communicates the pain that can be inflicted by self-doubt and the risks that can arise from trying to assuage the pain with alcohol. Louise is a very believable protagonist, honest in her confusion, and clear in her desire to figure out what really happened, no matter what the outcome.

Lie Beside Me, is a hard to put down, attention-grabbing mystery and Gytha Lodge is an intriguing writer who has created a fascinating story bursting with characters the reader truly wants to know.

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