Life In the Shadows by Nancy Legere (Review by Amanda Leigh)

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Rating: 4.5/5

Life In the Shadows by Nancy Legere is an autobiographical memoir of Legere’s personal  journey with sexual abuse that occured during childhood, PTSD, and addiction that followed.  Life In the Shadows truly is a must read for anyone who has or loved someone who has faced these issues as it enlightens the reader to what are often difficult and complex topics to comprehend and empathize with.

For those who share similar experiences with sexual abuse, some may find this a “trigger” book; however Legere sheds a light on what living with PTSD as a result of the sexual abuse that is easily understood. Legere illuminates how one can survive with the aftermath of addiction and abuse, particularly highlighting on the guilt and shame emotions as well as the constant battle to feel ‘normal’. Upon reading through Legeres own journey, readers with similar experiences will find comfort knowing they are not alone, and perhaps find answers they didn’t know they were looking for.

While PTSD is brought up more and more in mainstream media, the side effects one lives with is not always understood. What Legere has shows us throughout her journey with PTSD is the side effects that can occur such as the patchy memories, the need to look at everything ‘logically’, and what flashbacks really are and how often they can occur. The need for this type of explanation is badly needed in today’s world and is just another reason Life In the Shadows should be passed around.

Make no mistake, Legere is a strong, resilient woman who has persevered throughout her many battles, has suffered setbacks, and finds her voice to take her abuser to court. There is no fairy tale ending but what one can take away from this book is that there is not one specific method of therapy that works for all, and that if you continue on and take one day at a time, a good fulfilled life can be enjoyed. Life In the Shadows sparks conversation, and a must read no matter the age or experience of the reader.

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