Looking Glass Lies by Varina Denman (A Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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5/5 rating

Looking Glass Lies is a wonderful book about the struggles all woman face and the question we ask ourselves, “Am I good enough?”  

The main character Cecily Ross is recovering from a nasty divorce and is left feeling unattractive, unwanted, and like she’s losing control of her life. Cecily returns to her childhood home to stay with her father, and face people from her past, including her ex-sister in law who she thinks has the perfect life.  She struggles to gain self-worth and learn to be happy again.

In her battle to start new, she takes the advice from her father and an old friend and joins a support group, starts a new job, and is able to rekindle an old flame. Cecily realizes she herself is guilty of judging people and thinking she knows everything about them, and when tragedy strikes so close to home, it changes everything she thought she knew.  

I loved this book and the message it sends.  We all have insecurities and wish we were thinner, taller, more fit, and see other woman and wish we looked like them.Don’t compare yourself to anyone because you don’t know what they’re going through, and learn to love yourself because you are amazing!

Review by Jennifer Holmes

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