Love Scenes by Bridget Morrissey (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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Rating: 4/5 stars

I feel like every month amazing new contemporary romance releases are coming out and I have no idea how to keep up! Love Scenes by Bridget Morrissey is one example of an incredible new release in this genre. The story has a setting/plot of Hollywood and making movies and is just so awesome you should all go out and read it!! I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes parts that shows what goes into making a movie-as a fan of movies myself.

Sloane Ford is what they call “an out-of-work actress” who is struggling to decide on the next step in her career. She also happens to come from a large family of famous actors, actresses, directors, etc.-so no pressure or anything! When her Hollywood family comes together to create a WW-II romance film, they strongly encourage Sloane to assist as a producer. However, they seem to leave out the fact that the male lead-Joseph Donovan-is her former co-star and nemesis. But Sloane is a professional and, when a series of unfortunate events occur and she is drafted to play the lead, she knows exactly how to fool people into thinking she feels something for someone she couldn’t possibly ever have feelings toward. Or can she?

I really enjoyed this story a lot and would love to see it made into a movie. It was nice to not only see the romantic love story in the pages but also to see the love between family throughout the story. The relationship between Sloane and her siblings as well as with her parents was well done, in my opinion. I highly recommend reading this book! Take it to the beach with you and get lost in its pages.

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