Love your Life by Sophia Kinsella (Review by Karina Kaushal)

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5 Stars

Have you ever been physically attracted to someone only to date them and learn all too soon that you don’t have as much in common with each other as you would’ve hoped and perhaps the other person has habits and interests that you can’t stand, so you decide you aren’t right for each other. That’s typically how it works, am I right?

Love Your Life is about a woman named Ava and a man named Matt who find themselves physically attracted to each other and thus, decide they must be compatible. Nothing they learn about each other could sway their compatibility. They have a refreshing determined-to-make-it-work attitude that in my opinion, is rare to see.

Of course, efforts to force the relationship to work are hilarious in the true Sophie Kinsella comedic style. The book will leave you enjoyably questioning what love truly is and realizing how much work a relationship takes to be lasting one. It will have you questioning how much you’re willing to sacrifice to make it work. Honestly, I felt like I would have given up way before Ava. Kinsella’s book is rich with deep messages about the importance of compromise, overthinking partner criteria, and the impossibility of perfection.

I loved that Kinsella could craft her characters to be ditsy and maintain a humorous outlook on a book with deep, insightful messages. I would highly recommend this read.

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