Lucy Diamond’s The House of New Beginnings (A Review By Sara Kafka)

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Rating: 3.5/5*

OK, so we can’t all afford to travel to Europe and “find ourselves” the way Eat, Prey, Love would suggest. Lucy Diamond’s The House of New Beginnings tackles just that but in a more relatable and realistic way.

The House of New Beginnings is a story about three central women who have reached a crossroads in their lives. It takes us on their journey of finding happiness, love, and each other. The book starts out slowly and the amount of information for each character within the first few chapters can make it challenging to remember who is who. However, the plot and wit ramp up with the coming pages. While predictable at points, it remains an enjoyable read and something I would recommend taking with you to the beach or on vacation. If nothing else, this book teaches you two things: 1 – We have no idea what is just around the corner in this thing called life; and 2 – We all need a friend like Margot.

Review by Sara Kafka

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