Mad About Men by Madelyn Morgan (A Review by Sarah Wreford)

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Rating: 1/5

Recommend for GBC: No thanks!

“Mad About Men” is a series of dating stories told from the perspective of the author – Madelyn Morgan. Morgan begins by telling the reader that within six months her husband left her, her mother died, and her sister died.

After taking some time to grieve she realized that it was time to get back out there and start dating. As a single mother in her 40’s, Morgan shares her real-life experiences with men from having many one-night stands to eventually having a semi-relationship with a man for a year.

As someone who loves to both hear and tell dating stories I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, I have to give this book 1 out of 5. Morgan’s book really needs better organization as the stories jump from one to the other and there is no specific timeline. You’ll read about one man and then his name will pop up several chapters later so it can be difficult to follow along. The font and text size also varies throughout the book as the reader jumps from Morgan’s emails to her friend Chloe, to texts from men, to emails from men, etc.

After reading each chapter I kept asking myself whether or not this could actually be true. Could a woman wake up, leave the house, and literally have thousands of men begging to be with her throughout a day?

Reading the “book club discussion questions” at the back only reinforced the fact that we should not read this at GBC. The questions were far too vulgar to write on this review and far too personal to ask to GBC members even if wine is involved.

Review by Sarah Wreford



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