MAD by Chloe Esposito (A Review by Simone Gigg)

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Rating 5/5

If you are looking for a roller coaster ride you will never forget then pick up this first book in the new trilogy by Esposito! I can’t wait to read the next instalment. MAD is set between London and Sicily, two of my favourite countries and wow does it cover a lot and still keeps you guessing at the end. If you love a mystery with sex, drugs, murder, jealousy, betrayal, and a bit of the Italian mafia thrown in, then you will love this book. 

“Alvina Knightly has never had anything go right in her life until now. She can finally abandon her credit card debt and her fruitless three-way with Tinder and Twitter when fate gives her the chance to steal her identical twin’s perfect life. It’s just a shame Beth had to die to make Alvie’s dreams come true. She may be an accidental murderess, but who can blame her for taking lemons and making lemonade? Well… Beth’s husband might, and the police, but only if they catch her. So begins seven days of sex, violence, and unapologetic selfies – one wild week that sees Alvie break every rule in the book. She never did have much respect for boundaries.”

Although Alvie is on this crazy ride, it is hard not to like her and feel sorry for her due to the way she has been treated in the past. She is obsessed with being liked and accepted due to always being seen as second best to her twin sister Beth. But when she gets the chance to be her sister, is it all she wanted or would she prefer to be Alvie? Is her past really to blame for her current behaviour or is it something else? Will she get a tweet back from Taylor Swift or will she get to marry Channing Tatum? These are some of the things that I am sure will come to light as the roller coaster continues.  

Review by Simone Gigg

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