Message in the Sand by Hannah McKinnon (Review by Shay Tibbs)

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4.25 stars

As someone who lives for beach reads year round, finding authors who churn out summer books like candy is a must for me, and I am so thankful to authors like Hannah McKinnon who write incredible stories, every time.

I was so excited to get the chance to read and review Message in the Sand, after reading a few of her previous titles and this one was a great read.

Not only do I get the picturesque small town vibe, but McKinnon effortlessly transforms tragedy and family drama into a story about love, hope and laughter that has you turning the pages in hopes of a happily ever after for everyone involved. With complex characters that leave you full of heart and hope, as the reader you’ll not only cheer them along but become immersed in the story telling and feelings of home.

This particular title is subtle in it’s beachy setting, but makes up for in it the details of the lands – gorgeous and full of wildlife, community and memories. Each character gives something special to the story, each connecting with you in a different way. For me, each one was written so well I couldn’t decide on a favorite, from the side characters to the main, I just adored each and every one for how they perfectly added to the book.

To me the main character was Julia, as the book seemed to revolve mostly around the sudden tragedy that occurs and how it relates to her, throwing her and Wendell (our other main character) into a different type of relationship, and all the sub plots and side characters that relate to it. For me I loved how the story was told through this variety of narratives, giving the reader a glimpse at so many points of views, all people impacted by the plot line. Full of heart wrenching moments and plenty of surprises, I highly recommend picking up Message in the Sand.

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