Missing Pieces by Laura Pearson (Review by Genevieve Williams)

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Feeling lonely when you’re surrounded by your family, the family you loved and always wanted was worse than feeling lonely when you were alone. Loneliness was as its worse when you could see everything you’d ever loved slowly disappearing before your eye.

This book does not pull any punches, your emotional journey begins with a funeral but the narrative is written with such warmth and honesty, it feels like a memoir.

The first half is the aftermath of the death and the guilt the family carry for the part they played in it. Ironically it is this grief which connects them, that also tears them apart threatening to destroy the family.

The second half is set 25 years later, still haunted by the past, it’s only when one of the family members decides to confront these ghosts that secrets are revealed and changes can be made to save the family.

I thought this book would be depressing but at times, like life, there was laughter in between the sadness and I even found myself cheering on characters as their inner lioness comes out.

Men and women can both enjoy this book as it’s told from both of their viewpoints, older readers will connect to the ups and downs of love and marriage, younger readers will identify with the conflict of jealousy you can feel for siblings. Fans of romance and family dramas will not be disappointed.

This book would cause much discussion at a book club as you don’t always agree with the character’s actions although it reminds the reader just how human we all are.

Laura Pearson’s experience as a blogger on motherhood and a cancer survivor during pregnancy has clearly inspired this well-written book and leaves you wanting more.


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