Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal Hemmingway (Review by Heather Peterson)

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Crystal Hemmingway writes a fast-paced, multi-format book that is perfect for a summer read while sipping on a cool glass of wine. Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend tells the story of her mother-daughter relationship through text messages, emails, and journal entries. This is a unique but modern way of threading together bits and pieces of the character’s lives while still maintaining a linear timeline that is easy to follow.

   Crystal is forced to move back in with her overbearing mother, Margot, after she gets laid off from her job and goes on a break with her fiance. In theory, this will give her the time to work on her first book. Luckily, Crystal has a long-distance relationship with her sister, Lisa, who helps her relieve some of her stresses with their mother. Her mother, though means well, is more of a bother than seems to be helping, so when a sudden opportunity to occupy her mom’s time arises she jumps at the chance. She will have to face the repercussions later.

   Though the actual content of the story doesn’t seem completely believable (the reader is fronted with what is real in the story at the beginning), this book is a fun, light read that almost every woman can connect with when it comes to their own relationship with their mother. I couldn’t wait to continue reading and I loved the different writing formats – it keeps the story interesting and motivating to finish. I give Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend a 4-star rating.

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