My Crazy (Sick) Love by Drica Pinotti (Review by Ali Cicerchi)

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Rating: 4/5*

Have you ever had an ache or pain that you couldn’t explain and so you begin to obsess over it? Have you spent copious amounts of time on WebMD? Are you “that” friend that always suspects they are sick? That’s the main character, Amanda Loeb’s, life in My Crazy (Sick) Love.

Amanda, an intelligent lawyer by day, and a slightly-unhinged hypochondriac minute-by-minute. She keeps a catalog of specialists listed first by their specialty, and then by order of which offices are still taking her calls. Unfortunately to Amanda’s utter dismay she’s a healthy, soon-to-be, 30-year-old who may need to find a real hobby, or perhaps a real illness if she wants to keep her friends and family.

Drica Pinotti’s book follows Amanda through a hypochondriac’s ups and downs – including a literal dog bite, trip to the hospital for someone else’s diagnosis, and the world of dating when you have such high standards that the suggestion of someone doing anything unsanitary makes them unworthy of your time. But dating she does manage, hilariously if I may say. The dog bite could have been her meet cute. However, they are plenty of other characters to keep you entertained. With her geriatric birthday (as she calls it) fast-approaching Amanda has a new list of concerns, diseases and hurdles to mount.

This book is a great summer read – or any time you need a sorbet to cleanse your pallet from the dramatic, sad or difficult reads. Amanda’s perspective will cheer you up, make you feel pretty good about yourself at times and may even have you laughing out loud! The ending does feel a bit rushed and could have been written a bit better. It seems like the book all of a sudden has to hurry and end. Even so, My Crazy (Sick) Love is a delight.

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