No Offense by Meg Cabot (Review by Tricia Nelson)

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Rating: 4 stars

No Offense by Meg Cabot should be part of your August to-read list! This summer as we deal with many stresses that aren’t normally part of our lives, this book will allow you to escape for a little while. Set in a small town that is an island off the coast of Florida, it is the second book in the Little Bridge Island series, although you don’t have to read the first to enjoy this one. The story centers around a divorced Sheriff and father of a teenager and a single librarian who moves to the island for the job opportunity after breaking off an engagement. The two meet and are at odds over the handling of a police matter, but also feel drawn to each other. As the story follows their budding relationship, there are parallel storylines about a series of crimes and an abandoned baby.

This is my favorite type of summer read – set somewhere by the water, part romance, part cozy mystery and intrigue, part family drama, all set in an adorable little community. I loved reading this book on my porch with a cool drink – like a book-cation! The story will appeal to you if you love a good romance with some intriguing parallel storylines and likeable characters. It has a plot that will keep you interested but is at the same time a quick and easy read. Meg Cabot fans will not be disappointed. If you enjoyed Meg Tilly’s Solace Island series, you will really like this series as well.

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