No Words by Meg Cabot (Review by Shay Tibbs)

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4.25 Stars

As a reader, there’s just something about a book about authors/books that makes it an instant must read, and Meg Cabot’s Little Bridge Island series has been such an enjoyable read. As the third title in the series, I was comfortable in assuming I would love this book, and No Words still left me pleasantly surprised with warm fuzzy bookish feelings.

What I loved most was that this enemies to lovers, gave us a fabulous forced proximity as Jo Wright, beloved children’s author is invited to the 1st Annual Little Bridge Island Annual Book Festival and quickly realizes that her enemy and fellow writer, Will Price will be there.

With a roster of quirky, fun characters of writers at the festival, friends and family who live on the island (even Molly from book 2!) this book makes you feel like you’re a part of it all – rooting on Will and Jo to discover that their past may not be what it seems, and that the incredibly well written tension between them is just one small step away from LOVE. Being a fan of book festivals, and having attended many myself, I found this to be such a fun, unique setting that was also relatable and full of the behind the scenes details of an author’s life we needed from this plot line.

By far my favorite in the series, I would highly recommend picking up this book even as a stand-alone. Cabot writes each title in such a well thought out way that urges you to pick it up for some light summer reading that will leave you wanting more. The only thing that could have made this one better for me was being written in a dual POV, but that is purely selfish, I just seem to prefer to have both points of views in romcoms like this and in this story I felt like it really could’ve added something more to the romance aspect but overall I really liked this book.


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