NVK by Temple Drake (Review by Stephanie Smith)

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Rating: 3.5/5

“NVK” by Temple Drake, begins hundreds of years ago when a young girl is the only survivor of an attack on her family’s farm in eastern Finland. The trauma she goes through will then force her into an immortal life. Fast forward, to 2012, in Shanghai, the reader is introduced to Zhang Guo Xing a wealthy business man. He then runs into Naemi, a beautiful young woman. The reader is quickly plunged into the erotic affair between these two characters. Naemi has some deep secrets that she hasn’t shared with anyone. Will these two characters be able to overcome the secrets? Is never ending life all, it seems to be? Or does immorality have cruel consequences?

I must admit that this is not my typical genre, but it did grab my attention. I felt that it was precisely written and a smooth read. I found it interesting that the author alternated the chapters from one short (~ 10 pages) and then a long chapter (~50 pages) back to short not sure if this was intentional but it did grab my attention. This book started slow but ended very quickly leaving the reader wanting more. However, this book is supposed to be the first in a series so I am not sure what that will entail. Will the main character remain the antagonistic heroine (Naemi/ Nicola) or will the next book involve completely new characters? I felt that this book was an adult version of Buffy and Twilight more eroticism than romance. If mystic vampire erotica is your preferred genre, I feel that this book would be a great read for you. If this is not a typical genre for you, I can’t say this would be the first book in this genre that I would jump into. This book seemed to be tailored to a very niche audience. Overall, I enjoyed NVK and would rate it 3.5/5.

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