Old Money, New Woman by Byron Tully (Review by Bruna Morais)

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I was really uncertain about this book at first. For the first twenty pages I was sure I was going to give it one star. A man telling a woman how to behave just seemed wrong. It took me a while to get used to his way of exposing his ideas but it ended up being very interesting.

Byron Tully defines the term Old Money as “individuals and families who’ve enjoyed wealth and privilege for three generations or more.” Of course, not every person reading this book comes from an Old Money family. The author’s point throughout the book is that if you do things right and behave correctly, you can be an Old Money Woman.

The author emphasizes education as a basic prerequisite for a modern Old Money Girl. Investing in education and reading informational books is mandatory. Spending money on superfluous clothing and beauty products is frivolous. Financial independence should be the goal in every woman’s life.

Throughout eighteen chapters the author lays out his ideas and advice, concluding every chapter with a brief story of well-known women such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Diana.

The book is suitable for women of any age but you need to be open-minded to accept some of his ideas. Sometimes the author has a harsh way of saying things but it doesn’t make his points any less valid. Overall the book is a good read for women to rethink their personal and professional lives. I am glad the book turned out to be better than I was expecting.

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  1. Darlene McNeal says:

    As a woman, I also agree that it’s challenging to hear a man give advice to women. However, in defense of the author, he does address this very issue in the introduction. Yes, the book emphasizes education, but it also shines a light on so many other vital topics. Well worth the read.


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