Paris by the Book by Liam Callanan (Review by Oscarine B Barukh)

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Rating: 3.6/5*

Robert Eady is a Writer and not doing so well. He disappears one morning leaving a clue behind, as he was accustomed to. But this time never to return. His family (his wife Leah and their two daughters) set off looking for him in Paris.

In “Paris by the book”, we get to fall in love with the city through Leah’s eyes. Having lost her husband, she finds herself raising her daughters singlehandedly in this beautiful city she’s always dreamt of. They settle above a bookstore they purchased, navigating the city with the help of some of her favorite books.

Leah is left puzzled and at the same time resentful by Robert untimely disappearance, but still secretly search the street of Paris for him. She realizes that she doesn’t even need him or does she?

The book presents well-formed and researched characters. It is as though Liam Callanan has himself lived this story. Through Leah’s eyes, we get to know fascinating characters like Madame, George, the twins, even her missing husband and Eleanor.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy reading this book, being the sort of person that gets bored easily. But I found myself gripped turning page after page wanting to find out, like Leah what did really happened to her husband. A girly book club recommended.

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